Soirée jeu-questionnaire

today 14 May 2019 de 16h30 à 21h30
today 28 May 2019 de 16h30 à 21h30

Contribuez à la recherche contre le cancer du sein tout en vous amusant... et en savourant notre bière rosée! Cette soirée lance notre série de jeux-questionnaires qui mettent à l’épreuve vos connaissances générales... et votre sens de l’humour! Venez seul ou avec votre équipe à 18 h 30 à la salle de bal de la Maison Thomson pour gagner des chèques-cadeaux.


Jardin communautaire 2019

today 16 May 2019 à 16h00 au 15 October 2019 à 20h00

I feel good from my head to ma toes! Are you looking for your own green space in the city? For $10 you can rent a 2 feet by 2 feet garden plot at the new Thomson House Community Garden for the entire 2019 gardening season. You will be responsible to care for your plot throughout the summer, and you'll get to enjoy the fruits, veggies and flowers of your labour. We will only have 20 plots available for this summer. Hurry before space runs out! The community garden program is coordinated by the PGSS Environment Committee. For questions, please e-mail


Yamaska National Park Hike 2019

today 25 May 2019 de 09h30 à 18h00

The scenery is lovely here at Parc national de la Yamaska. Whether you're on a bicycle or on foot, you can enjoy travelling several kilometres to take in the pure air of nature and discover a valley typical of the Appalachian Lowlands. A witness to the park's creation in 1983, Réservoir Choinière is a 4.56-km2 expanse of water, perfect for boating activities. This vast body of water is teeming with life. Fish, ducks and Great Blue Herons call the park home, along with the many other animal species that find refuge here. This diversity makes nature observation a very interesting activity, season after season. When winter comes, the whole family loves getting out into nature and onto our sparkling snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails.